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Our Services

It’s never been easier to start an online solution for  business and schools.
We in SKOOL can handle everything for your online implementation needs, from a faster LMS setup to a customizable content development to help you facilitate better learning experiences.

LMS Setup

We guarantee a hassle free 24-hour Learning Management System setup and deployment. 

Digitization of Content

We convert  face-to-face printed training modules to interactive and gamified and user driven content.

User Management and Certifications

We help schools and organizations manage user operations to ensure compliance and certifications.

Our Commitment


It’s one time and affordable investment on the conversion of  face-to-face training modules to interactive modules and can be used repeatedly. 


It’s the fastest solution to  setup LMS,
and conversion of static content to digital and interactive formats in the shortest amount of time without sacrificing the quality. 


A interactive, gamified and customizable web-based solution designed based on the user experience, preference and level of usage.

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LMS Setup / Hosting (Free for 500++ users and above)
  • Moodle Installation (Upgrade and backup)
  • Technical Support  via Email, Chat, Voice, and SMS
Pricing per User
  • 499 and below  | 450 per year
  • 500++  | PHP400/student per year
  • Moodle Server Administration Training ( Remote / Face to face)
  • Moodle Server Teachers Training ( Remote / Face to face)

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